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Legoland NY, is now out of previews and fully open!

My kids have been so excited to go since getting Annual Passes for Christmas Gifts in 2019. We have gone to LEGOLAND Florida and loved it, you can see that post here. So we were excited for LEGOLAND New York to open and compare!

LEGOLAND New York the biggest LEGOLAND Amusement park Merlin Entertainment has ever built, and for us it’s only 50 minutes away!

The 2 days we have gone so far there was a heat advisory with temperatures feeling in the high 90s and 100s. So I knew I had to be prepared.


For Annual Pass holders the website says you have to make reservations for the day we wanted. So we did. At the gate though they only scanned our annual passes not asking for a reservations – but I don’t know if the reservations is stated on the pass when it’s scanned so still make those reservations.

For Day passes it’s best to buy ahead of time on their site. You will save $10 per ticket by purchasing ahead.

Also for parking, you pay as you’re leaving. But purchase parking ahead of time. Not as you’re leaving. It will save you money to pay at guest services or when purchasing your tickets online.

Getting to LEGOLAND NY

We were coming from the north and didn’t have any problems following the map app, but because these are new exits when it said “get off exit” that was it. I had just a little trouble finding the entrance. I could see the attractions, but there were no signs. When you get off the exit there is a round-a-bout. Get off on the right and go down that road until you see one of those foldable signs that says entrance. It really is the only sign as of right now and we missed it twice!

When you get to the parking lot don’t forget to look at where you are parked. At this time there were no lane letters or markers so we counted the garbage cans and said “we are in between the 3rd and 4th.”

The first line you will come to is to check bags and go through the metal detector. If you have a stroller make sure you look for that line specifically.
The check bag lines were probably the longest lines we waited in all day. Have your bag unzipped and ready for them to check.

Entering the park, my tip…which I shouldn’t be telling you…is go to the right. People naturally go to the left when entering parks so you will get the least amount of lines going right and when you’re toward the end of the loop, you will have short lines as well!

Also skip the carousel the first ride on the right. You can wait to ride until you leave since it’s next to the exits and people usually head to that ride first and tends to be a longer line.

We walked directly through Miniland down to Pirates island and continued the loop all the way back to the entrance. The two times we have gone to LEGOLAND NY so far this has worked out great with the length of lines.

What to Pack:

  • Reusable Water Bottles – there are plenty of refillable water stations all along the parks trail.
  • Small snacks – We didn’t bring in much food. I brought in small snacks in individual packs. These were great to pull out if there a long or slow moving line. The only food we have purchased there so far are hotdogs and a stand across from the theater. They are $7 for a large hotdog that my kids split. Other than that I found my kids are so busy they are not even thinking about eating..unless it’s the down time in a line.
  • Hand wipes – I wipe hands before snacks, and they’re just good to have.
  • Phone Charger – A small travel charger is always a necessity so you’re not worried about your phone dying.
  • Hat or personal fan – If you’re going on a hot day there is very limited shade. The trees are new and small and the umbrellas are very limited so it can get very hot. (Affiliate Links) I suggest this fan or misting water bottle.

I checked the LEGOLAND NY website to see what rules they had, and it mentioned to bring your favorite water bottle for free refills around the park. One person mentioned to me that you could not bring in metal water bottles, but I saw no indication of that and that is what we brought in.

Download the LEGOLAND App

The LEGOLAND app is nice to have. It has showtimes (even notifications), how long wait times are for the rides, and will tell you when rides are closed etc. I have referenced it many times each time we have gone.

Other Tips

  • LEGOLAND is cashless, so bring your credit card, debit card or payment app.
  • Don’t forget your Minifigures! You can bring your own minifigures and trade them around the park!
  • If you’re looking for the LEGO Masters winning build from season one, its located in “The Big Shop” gift shop at the entrance of the park.


The first time I went I was alone with my two kids, some of the rides you they were both able to go on but because of their height they both needed to be accompanied by and adult rider. I was able to go on the ride with one child while the other child waited with a staff member (who were so great) and then switch off with the other child.

Check height requirements before you go on the ride so there are no surprises.

The 4D Lego Movies is really fun. It might be sensory overload for sensitive kids. My son, covered his ears the whole time because it’s loud as well as kept his 4D glass off…but…he loved it.

Free Play Area

There are many places to sit and rest and have your child just build along the path.

Also in Bricktopia there is a Build & Test area building which is a great place to rest your feet, get into the air conditioning and have your children test their building skills with the shaking platform and test tracks.

You can definitely see all of Legoland in one day but with the annual passes it relieves some of that pressure and you can visit during all the events as well. Annual passes would make a great Holiday gift.

I will continue to update this post as we keep going back but do you have some tips? Share them in the comments below!


Friday 11th of March 2022

Hi! I see you mentioned that you could do the park in one day.. is it a lot to squish into one day? We're trying to decide if we should do 1 or 2 days.. this will be our first time there this spring!Thanks!


Sunday 13th of March 2022

It depends on the lines, I felt like it was small and could do in a day but also my kids are 5 and 8 so they didn't do a lot of the "kiddie" rides. Many people do 2 days though and think it's great.