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40 Things I learned in 40 Years

So I turned 40…I didn’t make it a huge deal like I planned but it turned out perfect. I had always thought that I wanted to go away, have a huge party, celebrate etc. But then it started coming near and I didn’t want that. I wanted my friends and family and to have a good time. I’m thankful that’s exactly what my hubby planned for me.

Last year on my 39th Birthday I wrote a post about what I wanted to accomplish and the mindset I wanted to have the last year in my 30s. I truly lived that way. I did things that I would not have done..or it wasn’t the right time but I did them anyway and I had fun! You can see my last update here and all the things I accomplished!

But for my 40th I wanted to write a few things I have learned in the last 40 years. I didn’t want to be sappy about how life goes fast and enjoy it because I feel like everyone learns that. So, I just started writing. In no particular order…

40 Things I Learn in 40 Years

  1. Cherry pits in water, on your window NOT turn into Gremlins.
  2. Even when you’re 40, you still want to call your parents to ask them how to do something, ask for their advice or to tell them great news.
  3. “All about the Benjamins” is about $100 bills.
  4. Some friends only come into your life for a short time because that’s what they need or what you need at THAT time.
  5. Sleep when the baby sleeps isn’t an actual thing.
  6. Decor is never done.
  7. Everyone has an opinion.
  8. No one is going to remember the decor or centerpieces at your wedding. They’ll only remember how much fun they had.
  9. You can be a Mom and not need the wine at night.
  10. You can throw your detergent lid into the washer.
  11. You will forget most of what you learned in school.
  12. Your kids will know more about dinosaurs than you.
  13. Sunlight is crucial to my mood.
  14. You can see better when you’re driving if you’re lost when you turn down the radio.
  15. You will remember the year a song came out based on where you were.
  16. Always find the stud or use an anchor when hanging items in the wall.
  17. Never use dish soap in a dishwasher.
  18. Never leave soda in your car in the winter.
  19. You will not remember all the things you think you will remember about your kids. Write them down.
  20. Everyone is going through something harder than you. It doesn’t make yours any less hard.
  21. It’s better to eat the whole package of candy in one sitting so you don’t eat it for the next week.
  22. Measure twice cut once.
  23. Inflation doesn’t exist on bottle deposits.
  24. Talking about stocks, “pump and dump” actually exists.
  25. You won’t pay $4 for a loaf of bread but will easily spend $10 on one sandwich.
  26. Just because it’s free doesn’t mean you should take one.
  27. When you find a great sitter. Keep them and pay them well!
  28. Everything you say you will not do as a parent, you’ll usually end up doing.
  29. It’s okay to hide from your kids.
  30. Christmas Trees are expensive.
  31. You can learn anything from YouTube.
  32. You’re never too old to start something.
  33. I have no desire to run a marathon.
  34. Your time is valuable.
  35. You can’t control what your kids are learning from other kids.
  36. A warm cup of coffee is a gift.
  37. I’m very thankful I didn’t grow up with cell phones or social media.
  38. A nap in the sun is my favorite thing I haven’t done since having kids.
  39. A minivan is the worlds most functional car.
  40. Leave taxes to the professionals.

40th Shirt

I knew for my 40th I had to make a shirt because why not? I was planning on having lunch with my two bests, and I figured I would wear the shirt because it would make for a great photo…I did have a suspicion that when I got back home, there would be a party waiting for me…

I was wrong the whole lunch was a party and it was great and fun, and I have the greatest hubby for pulling it off!

Back to the shirt. I wanted something that was cute, but also showed that I was proud of being 40, and I came up with “40 Years in the Making…Nailed It”.

I love that it shows confidence and I that am happy to be 40. There is no other place I would rather be and I am grateful that I have had these 40 years. Plus, I plan to live till I am 110 so I have another 70 years to LIVE!

I created the shirt using my Cricut Explore Air 2. I designed it using design space and then used Everyday White Iron on. Once it was cut out, I put it on a shirt from Target using my Easy Press 2. I love this thing! It makes is so easy to create so many projects!

I hope if you have a “Big” Birthday coming up that you take the time and be grateful that you have this wonderful life to live and sooo much more time to LIVE…and it wouldn’t be a Birthday post if it wasn’t mentioned, that you might have a long time to live but don’t forget to live like it was your last.