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Tips For Surviving An Amusement Park with Toddlers

One of the great joys in being a parent is seeing your child so excited they can’t contain themselves.

This was basically Henry went we recently went to LegoLand in Orlando, FL.

Even though I could not wait to see his reaction, as a Mom you have a little bit of anxiety when bringing toddlers to an amusement park…well anywhere for that matter. What will they eat, where will they nap, what if it rains, I don’t want to bring too much or too little!

Those are a few of the thoughts that run through my head basically on any given day.

I thought if these were my worries and concerns than most people must have the same ones right?

So I am here to help and giving you my tips to help you survive the amusement park or anywhere you might be traveling with toddlers!

  1. Do your research: Go through the website and check out all the attractions. Legoland has a great map on their site that lists the attractions along with age/height restrictions and if they need an adult with them or if they can go on by themselves. This helped so much because I was able to avoid the areas that were a little too big for my son so there wasn’t a melt down because he couldn’t do something. I could also play up what he could do.
  2. Bring a small cross body bag to hold all your important items like wallet, phone, keys etc. Many of the attractions have stroller parking, but you don’t want to leave your bag/purse in there while you have fun. So I suggest a small cross body that doesn’t leave you with all your important things. Go ahead and keep the extra clothes, water, etc in the stroller so you don’t have to tote it around.
  3. If you have two more more young ones bring a double stroller, or rent one. Last year we went to an amusement park and I only brought the single stroller. Molly was not even a year old and Henry was 3 so I thought he would be fine…well that didn’t go over well. I didn’t count on the heat and the amount of walking his little legs were going to do. So even though I did bring a carrier for Molly I didn’t want to wear it since it was so hot, but I had to anyway just to give Henry a break. Thankfully this time I brought our sit to stand stroller and it was perfect. Henry could hop on and catch a ride then hop off to the next ride.
  4. Head in the opposite direction. When you walk into an amusement park there is a natural way that park goers tend to go. I find they tend to go straight down the middle if it’s available or to the left. Which in that case go to the right! You can save some time in the beginning by avoiding a lot of the crowds when the park opens if you head in the opposite direction.
  5. And if you can, bring back up! That way if one child wants to ride with both parents someone can keep the other entertained..or sleeping. And by the way…I think Grandparents are the best back ups!

Those are my best tips for surviving the amusement park with young ones. What can you add?

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