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Last Minute Christmas Tips and Hacks

The bustle and busyness of the Holiday season can make anyone stressed or forget the smallest things. So I’m here to remind you of the little things you might be forgetting but also giving you some small hacks that will make the holiday a little easier and less stressed.

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Items You Might Have Forgotten to Purchase:

Batteries: Don’t be left on Christmas Day with an awesome gift and no way to play it! Check your gifts and write down any batteries you will need.

We have been using Amazon Basics rechargeable batteries for over 8 years. It’s all we use and so perfect for those toys that just drain the batteries quickly..I’m looking at you trains and remote control cars! We don’t just use them for toys we also use them for clocks, remotes and all the things.

You can purchase them here.

Teacher Gifts: Don’t forget those teachers and bus drivers! Even if gifts for your teachers are not in the budget they just want to feel valued and appreciated. A hand written note from you or your child will definitly spread some cheer, but if you can get a gift, I recommend gift cards. They don’t need to be a lot, $5 or $10 is great! Imagine if the 20 kids in your child’s class all gave a $5 gift card to the teacher? What an amazing blessing! I like to add chocolate as well just for a sweet treat. Plus, if you weren’t able to grab a gift card at the store you can always email one to them via Amazon!

Holiday Hacks

As you’re receiving your holiday cards from friends and family, don’t forget to cross check your addresses with the ones in your phones contacts. Also, while your at it, add the spouses and kids names in the notes just in case…

Always losing your scissors and tape while wrapping presents? Tie one end of a ribbon around the tape, and the other end of the ribbon around the scissors. Now you can wear it over your neck, move freely and always know where the scissors and tape are!

When wrapping presents, take a little extra time and cut the packaging tape to the box and any things that makes it hard for kids to open their own toys. Barbies, dolls and cars that are zip tied to the packaging, take it out snip the zips!

Hosting Christmas dinner? A few days before take out all your serving dishes and make a note of each food and place it in the dish. No one wants to be scrambling for a dish for the mashed potatoes! This way you can organize and know exactly where everything is going.


Some times we can get so overwhelmed with what we need to do that we may overlook what others might need.

Some very easy ways to give back to your community are to pick up extra food items while do your shopping. Local food pantries are always looking for donations. Canned vegtables, pasta, sauce, olive oil, shelf stable milk, cereal and condiments are always wanted.

Every year my kids and I drop off toys to local charities in our community. This year I had the help of some great brands that I partnered with this year so I do want to acknowledge them and their generosity.

Osmo, Battery Daddy, Ziggurat DIY Candle Kit, StackedSkincare, Walker’s Shortbread Cookies, 211 to Waterloo, Primal Kitchen, Revolution, Rabbit Hole Cavehill Bourbon

What are some things you do as a family to give back? Leave some ideas in the comments!