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DIY Christmas Wall Decor

I had a vision of a piece of Christmas Wall Decor that included bottle brush trees for over our buffet and think it turned out almost exactly how I had envisioned!

It’s a very easy and simple project that any beginner can do. Creating any size you want!


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These pictures can be made to any size. I made mine 48″ x 10″ and cut my boards accordingly.

For the backing I painted it a matte black and to create the “stars” lightly dip a paint brush into white paint and blot most of it off. Over the black “spray” the white by using your finger to flick the paint from the bristles.

Once the backing is dry secure the frame with nails or a nail gun and place the backing on the frame and secure.

Using a hot glue gun place the bottle brush trees on the bottom of the bottom frame.

The reindeer I used were meant to be ornaments which means they had a small hole on top. I simply filled them in wood filler before I stained them dark walnut.

Hot glue 2 reindeer together to form a pair and then place them how you want on your back. I also gave Rudolph a small red nose!

That’s it! You can truly customize this for your decor or taste!

dining room pictured with links to projects