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Gifts Siblings Can Play With Together

Now that our daughter is old enough to kinda “play” with her 4 year old brother, I have started to look for gifts that will be great for sharing and playing together.

I found a few new ones and I wanted to share with you many that we already have to give you a little inspiration!

Some of these gifts are not meant for really young kids so please pay attention to the suggested age range.

So lets get going!

Lego Juniors: The Lego Junior sets are great because if you have a little bit of age range with siblings, they still have the feel of Classic Legos but they’re easier to put together which makes it fun for the younger one.

Go Fishin’ Game: My kids love this game! Fun and promotes fine motor skills.

Melissa and Dough Ice Cream Pretend Play: This is another one of our favorites. It’s fun for the littles and the bigger kids and we also make up little games to play..who can run the obstacle course with the stack of ice-cream etc…

Learning Resource Cash Register: My 4 year old loves to set up a store with his cash register. Also great for learning about money and adding and subtracting. Also goes great with the Ice Cream Pretend toy!

Fisher Price Little People Camper: Let’s just say my daughter got this on her 1st Birthday and my 4 year old loves to play with it as well.

Magic Tracks: Let’s just say I love playing with these as well!

Hot Wheels Tracks: This one is great to have races and just to see who’s car goes the farthest!

Play Kitchen: They will learn to share and it’s great pretend play!

Other toys they can play with tighter:

Building blocks/magnets

Sport Toys

Board Games


What are some of the toys you love that your kids play well with each other? Let me know in the comments!


Tuesday 21st of November 2017

Awesome! My kids, 15 months and 3.5, love playing Me. Potato Head and trains on the train table!

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