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Favorite Garden Products to Make Gardening Easier

Since purchasing a home 10 years ago, I found my love of gardening, growing things as well as waking up in the morning and checking on my flowers. Is that the sign of getting older?

hydrangea bush in front of raised ranch house

Over the years I have found my favorite garden products and tools that I want to share with you!

Some of the following links are Affiliate links. Click here to see my full disclosure.

  1. Preen – This magical stuff is what my walkway dreamed of. For years our pea gravel walkway would be filled with weeds, I would use a weed killer, pull them out then start the process again until I found Preen. Preen does not kill weeds, it prevents them! I start adding Preen to my walkway and garden beds in March trying to get it on before weeds start to germinate and it has made such a difference. The best thing is it lasts for months! Game Changer. You can also use it on mulch in your garden beds!
  2. Thick Kneeling Pad – If you have ever pulled weeds you need a good thick kneeling pad to save you knees. You don’t need anything fancy. I just recommend something thick.
    Galvanized steel raised garden planter with pink and purple flowers
  3. Sunnydaze Galvanized Steel Raised Garden Beds – If you’re looking for and easy way to add a garden to your yard for flowers, herbs, vegetables or even give the kids they’re own special space, these Sunnydaze raised garden beds are the answer! They are so easy to put together, awesome quality of galvanized steel which will resist corrosion and they come in different shapes and sizes depending on your needs which means they’re perfect for any size space. No need of building something of your own when these are cost effective and look great!
    You an even add multiple sizes and shapes together to create a beautiful garden path.
  4. STIHL Battery Operated Tools – I have mentioned my love for STIHL tools before and why you should own battery operated tools before, but incase you needed a reminder…battery operated tools are easy, light weight, and quiet. They are perfect for the garden and yard.
  5. Saywer Insect Repellent for Clothes and Gear – This spray is the best when it comes to insect repellent. We use it on our shoes and I spray it on my hats too so the mosquitos stop buzzing by my ears.
  6. Garden Hat – I love a good garden hat and I had to get these because they are waterproof and also have a ponytail hole!
  7. Grampa’s Weeder– This thing has been around forever, makes pulling weeds easier and is a best seller!
    bottle of root hormone with hydrangea cuttings on table
  8. Root Hormone – I love propagating different plants, and I always use this to help promote root growth!
  9. Garden Bucket – This handy dandy thing has a place for a 5 gallon bucket to put your weeds in, plus pockets to hold all your tools. It’s a great grab and go!
  10. Micro-Tip Pruners– If you’ve been a follower of mine you know I love cutting my lavender. These micro-tip burners are perfect for pruning delicate plants and flowers.