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Tray Makeover and Some Old Stuff

Have I told you lately that I love my Habitat for Humanity Restore? I always find great things there! Remember my huge embroidery hoop that I made a wreath with?

Well this time when I ventured there I found this little tray for $2! I thought it was the perfect size for the top of my dresser.

Tray makeover before

I did have a picture frame that I made into a tray in that spot for a few years  but I wanted something a little smaller.

So this tray was perfect…well except for the color. The brown/yellow wasn’t really working for me.

I was going to paint it white, but I wanted more of a contrast on my dresser and I wanted the items that were on the tray to stand out and be shown off.

So I went with BLACK! I had some Deco Art Chalky finish paint in Carbon left from an Etsy order so I just brushed it on.

I sealed it with sealer and that was it!

Dresser Tray

It fits nicely on my dresser and I love the way everything pops off of the black.

This little bowl also looks great on the black backdrop.  On a trip upstate to visit my parents I rummaged around in some totes they had in the garage and scored some cool little things.

This bowl was one of them. The doilies I remember on our end tables when I was a kid. I love the texture that they add to the tray too.

A couple of the other items I scored, was this sewing box I remember playing with as a kid. My Mom told me that it was her first sewing box when she was a child. So I had to keep it so I can give it to my daughter some day.

I also took all the little old trinkets that are in it as well.

These small kitchen items I thought were fun too. I have them displayed on my dining room shelves until I find a home for them.

My Mom didn’t know what this was from but I thought it was really sweet. I displayed it in my daughters room. I’m sure she’ll find a way to play with it when she’s older.

I was reading an article the other day about how my generation and younger don’t want to inherit Grandma’s old china and silver. I think it’s pretty accurate. What would I do with a set of old silver? Put it in a drawer?

I’m glad I can take some of this stuff out of storage from my parents and display it how it should be displayed.

I took some other items that I remember using or playing with as a kid too. I’ll be sure to share with you when put them out!

What have you inherited from family members that you absolutely love? Tell me in the comments on Facebook!