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Making Pillows from Napkins

Spring is my favorite season. It’s welcomed warmth after a long, cold, dull winter. I love Spring flowers, Spring colors and how fresh and new everything is becoming.

I also like swapping my neutral winter decor into something a little more bright.

How to sew napkins into pillows!


About a year ago I had purchased a set of four fabric napkins from Homegoods with the intention of making them into pillows. Well, I finally got around to do it!

Fabric Napkins before being sewn into pillows

The napkins were the perfect spring fabric, already cut and hemmed, and just waiting to be made into pillows.


Fabric Napkins

Needle and thread

Pillow form or Pillow stuffing


Take two napkins and place them right side together and pin the edges.

I sewed all four sides leaving about 6 inches open on one.

For the first pillow I sewed right along on the hem, but this made for the needle getting stuck on the corners because of the folded fabric.

So for the second pillow, I stitched inside the hem, this made the sewing easier. I cut the corners before turning it right side up so the corners would lay flat.

Sewing napkins into pillows


I then used pillowing stuffing (that I took from an ugly pillow that came free with a couch and stuffed it until my desired “fluffiness”.

Napkins being stuffed for pillows

I then hand sewed the 6 inch opening shut.

Thats’ it! It took me about 30 minutes from beginning to end and I know have two beautiful pillows to enjoy that only cost about $7!

Pillows made from Napkins!

Beautiful spring pillows

Beautiful spring pillows made from napkins!