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How I Keep My Sanity with Sick Kids

*This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of TempTraq. All opinions are 100% mine.

I was really blessed for three years. My son had really never gotten sick. Maybe one cold while we were on vacation is all I remember.

When I heard of a virus, cold, flu, even Coxsackie going around, I made a point to stay clear of library time, indoor play areas, and anything where little child germs would be in abundant.

Everyone I talked to would say, wait until school, he’s going to get sick all the time. I was dreading it.

In June, I had another child and I was dreading it even more.

Then it came…within 2 weeks of starting school my son got sick, my little one got a variation of it, and then it was passed to me and my husband.

Having a toddler that is sick breaks your heart. You just want them to get better and be themselves again.

It’s also hard to keep your sanity when your child is hurting!

Here is how I have learned to keep my sanity when dealing with sick kids:

  • Most of the rules go out the window – Sometimes you just have to give a little to make your child comfortable. You want to watch youtube videos on the iPad for hours snuggled in your bed? Go for it. Oh you want ice-cream for dinner? Sure, at least you’re eating something! 
  • Get them outside – It makes everyone feel better when they’re outside. Whether getting them to the park or even just walking to get the mail. I tell my son lets go outside and shake off the germs. 
  • TempTraq – This thing is awesome! Sleep is so important to help kids get better. It’s also important for parents to get sleep as well. With Temp Traq, you can eliminate the constant waking up to take their temperature. This wearable Bluetooth patch is a Temperature Monitor that you can access right through an app on your phone for 24 hours. No more waking up the littles to check their temperature! You can even set an alert to monitor fevers so when your child’s temperature reaches a certain temp it alerts you. More that one child sick? It can monitor multiple temperatures at the same time! This would keep anyone sane! Buy TempTraq now (affiliate)
  • Bath time– How great do you feel after a nice bath? A bath at the end of a day filled with germs sets my mind at ease that my kids are clean and can continue healing throughout the night. 
  • Washing everything – If a sick kids touches it, it goes in the wash. I don’t care that the stuffed animal is spot clean only. If its slept with, touched or sneezed on. It goes in the wash.
  • Down time – If possible take 10 minutes, or better yet an hour, just to relax. Pawn the kids off to your spouse when they get home or let your TV babysit your child for 10 minutes (remember some rules can go out the window). Don’t do the dishes, don’t answer emails just take a minute and stretch out on the bed to breathe. Regroup, reenergize, and repeat.

How do you keep your sanity when your children are sick?