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Budget DIY Walkway Makeover

Our walkway has always been a we’ll do it later project. When we moved in it was just a pea gravel path with no edging. So a few years in we added some rock to edge it in. We have rock walls surrounding us and our yard is basically rock so we have plenty.

I love the look of a natural, cottage garden. Soft lines, imperfect and traditional. So those rocks worked well for a few years until they didn’t.

Last year I started moving large rocks into the bed along the walkway with the goal of a beautiful rock garden with plants mixed in. Decreasing the amount of mulch as well as weeding I needed to do each year.

Well, this year I finished that up and it was looking great as the flowers were coming in but, oof the walkway needed some serious help.

Looking around at Lowe’s I found this stone edge that was imperfect and natural looking and I knew it would look great. I ended up using about 130 of these to complete the project.

I had the kids help me remove the other rocks and then I started placing the new edging. I simply used a small garden hoe to level out where the rocks would go and I started placing them.

When I got to the end I started to curve to make it a wider opening.

I purchased 15 bags of pea gravel and started filling in the walkway and I put down fresh mulch and I am thrilled the way it came out.

It was a very easy project that makes such a difference. I feel like I can now enjoy my flowers as they come in because the walkway is now so pretty too!

I also ended up painting the steps the same color as the brick I painted. Carbon Copy by Behr. My plan with the steps is to build a wood porch over them in the next few years so the paint is just a temporary fix.

What do you think of the walkway??

Project Supplies and Cost:

  • 130 Stones – 3″x8.25″ Nature Shall Wall Heritage Gray – $1.68 each
  • 15 Pea Gravel bags – 5.28 a bag
  • Mulch – Lowe’s Sale 5 for $10

Total: Just under $300!

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