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Beginners Guide to Selling on Ebay

My eBay journey started over 20 years ago in college when our campus bookstore would get the newly released Beanie Babies. Then I would purchase them for around $4 and sell them for up to $90. For a freshman in college that was pretty good money and I got bit by the selling bug.

Over the years I have sold everything from driftwood, Pez dispensers, old books to empty toilet paper rolls and old chargers.

You would be surprised on what actually sells on Ebay. I have a list of 50 Things in Your Home you can sell on Ebay. Get it here.

You can also follow me on Instagram where I am constantly giving you Ebay tips and showing you in real time what I am selling that week.

If you’re new to eBay, don’t know how to price something, or how to even list an this video where I walk you through finding a price and the listing process.

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If you know your way around Ebay then take a look at some of my helpful tips!

How To Price Shipping for Ebay.

One of the most common reasons people don’t want to sell items on eBay is because of shipping. Scared to price it, package it or just don’t know where to start.

  • The first thing to do is figure out the price is to find your box/padded envelope or whatever you will be shipping your item in. Yes- you can use an old Amazon box or that target box from your last shipment. Put your item in, make sure there is room for padding if needed then take your measurements and weight. I use this postal scale.
  • If all you have is large box, you will want to cut it down to make it as small as possible.
  • Flat Rate – If you want to create a “Flat Rate” for shipping – Meaning whoever purchases the item will pay that rate – Once you have your dimensions and weight. Go to and “Calculate Shipping” put in your answers and then choose a zip code that is the in the farthest state from you. That is what you will charge everyone. So if someone is closer and shipping is a little less..that means it’s a little more money in your pocket.
  • Calculate – Another option is to have Ebay calculate shipping based on the buyer. Insert the dimensions and weight and whoever purchases your item Ebay will calculate the shipping price.
  • Free Shipping– “You can also opt to provide free shipping for your items. this is a great option for higher priced items that will have a lower shipping rate.

Ebay Tips

Auction Timing – I like to set my auctions to 7 days and have the end time in the evening. 7 days gives many a chance to see the item. An evening end time I find there are more people home or “watching” to keep an eye on the auction.

Photos – When taking your photos of your item, take a picture from every angle. Top, bottom, side, etc. Use all 12 permitted photo slots.
Have a clean background and use natural light when available.
Use something to show size if it matters as well. Even including a tape measure in the photo.
Your goals is to give the buyer confidence in what they’re purchasing as well as eliminate them having to ask questions.

Items – When finding items around your home to sell, don’t overlook the simplest item. An old phone charger, VHS tapes, books, clothes. Even used perfume! Also, if your are getting rid of an old refrigerator or a different appliance. Take out the shelves, take off the handles and sell the parts before you junk it. Many people look for replacement parts on Ebay first before paying full price on the manufacturers site.