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I Found the Best Pillow Tutorial!


As a home stager, I use a lot ton of throw pillows. They are on the sofa’s, the chairs, the beds, and even sometimes on the floors.

As you might know they are really expensive, who wants to pay $20-$50 a piece for a quality pillow..that’s really never even going to be used? I’m also really cheap.

Why pay for something when I can make it myself and create exactly what I want?

So this year I told myself that I would just make all the pillow’s I needed for staging. So I scoured Pinterest for an easy pillow tutorial and this is the one I use every single time.

lovesome’s Pillow Tutorial

It is hands down the best pillow tutorial I have come across. What make’s it even better is that they are envelope covers so I can constantly change out the pillow covers as needed!

Here is an example of my pillows I made with lovesome’s tutorial.


Did you find a great tutorial on Pinterest that you love? Share it below!

Happy Sewing!!!