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Creating a Successful Yard Sale

One of the services that I offer my clients is holding yard sales for them. I do everything from, advertising, set-up, pricing, selling, and clean up.

Over the years I have held some very successful yard sales so I compiled a list of my favorite tips on how you can have a successful yard sale as well!



Start advertising as soon as possible

You don’t have to spend money to put your sale in the paper, trust me no one looks in the paper anymore for garage sales. Post  the yard sale on sites such as Craigslist and  Yard Sale Search.

There are even a garage sale apps for your  iPhone, like Garage Sales Tracker, you can post your sales there for free!

Create a sign for your yard sale and display by the road with the dates of the sale, so people driving by can see it and look forward to it.

Set Up:

Think of your yard sale as a retail store. You will want to group like items together ( kitchen, clothes, home furnishings, sports equipment, kid items etc.)

Create vignettes, if you are selling furniture set them up as you would in a home, (chair with side table, lamp and some books)

Put bigger items or sport equipment and tools closer to the road – many husbands won’t mind stopping if they see some thing that interest them.

When selling clothing hang them on a movable clothing rack,  you can find them inexpensively at Target and other stores. Group them by size and season.

Use the cheap metal hangers incase the buyer wants to keep it on the hanger.

Don’t forget to clean your items, you don’t have to go overboard but just make sure they are wiped and not sticky.

Remember to have plenty of grocery bags for your buyers.

Have an extension cord available for buyers to test if items work. Don’t allow them into your  home.

You should have about $100 in small bills to start out with. And never leave money unattended. Wear an apron with pockets or even a fanny back so the money is with you at all times.


Remember the idea of the sale is to clear out the clutter and to make a little some money.

Try to have prices on everything. People tend not to buy because they don’t want to ask how much items are.

The general rule is to price items a third or a quarter of what they sell for new.

When pricing clothing remember people are hesitant to buy items they can’t try on. Price them cheaper. If you have more expensive clothing consider bring them to a consignment shop instead.

Group items by price, and make one sign ” All items on table $1″ & ” All books .50 “

Make a sign that says “ALL SALES FINAL” you won’t believe the stories I’ve heard of people coming back the next week looking for a refund.


Don’t hover over your buyers. I hate it when I am at a sale and as soon as I pick something up the seller will give me the life story of the item or tell me how much they bought it for. Just makes me want to leave.

If it’s a hot day consider having a pitcher of water and some plastic cups for your buyers. You want people to spend as much time at  your sale as possible. Even better-sell some bottled water or soda.

As things sell, re-merchandise items, to highlight and feature specific products.

Buyers will be there to haggle. Don’t take it personally. Have a number in your head to what your willing to part with it at so you can answer quickly.

After The Sale:

Instead of shlepping the unsold items back into your home, put them directly into your car to make a pitstop at a local charity.

Don’t forget to take down all your signs!

Count your money and enjoy your new clutter free space!

Happy Selling!

What are some of your best yard sale tips?