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2 Apps that Reward you for Shopping!


So many of you know that I am a couponer..I wouldn’t go as far and say “extreme” couponer but I do plan my attack and have a fantastic coupon binder that I bring every time I go shopping.

You can see how I save a ton at Target here.

But I have come across two great apps that I am constantly using to reward myself every time I shop…one would say I might be addicted.






The first app is called Shopkick. This app rewards you in “kicks” every time you WALK into a participating store! Just for walking in!!!  Some of these stores include, Target, Bestbuy, Macy’s, Old Navy and more!

So here is my addiction..I walk around the mall every time I’m in the area, just to receive my “kicks”! Well at least I’m exercising too right?

With these kicks you can then turn them in for goodies like gift cards, kitchenaid mixers, and if you have the kicks, even cruises!!

You can also receive kicks while sitting on your couch. Just find a store and flip through their “lookbook” and you will find surprise kicks.

Sign up for Shopkick here and get 5o kicks to start!




The second app that I was just turned on to is ibotta.

In this app, they show you products, what they called “offers” within the app. When you purchase that product you take a picture of the receipt, and scan the barcode and actual CASH will be deposited into your account which you can then deposit into a paypal account! So easy!

I must say at first some of the products didn’t interest me, but the change often and you can also give a thumbs up or thumbs down on the product and they will start to customize your offers so they fit you!

Who doesn’t want cash for buying items!

Sign up for ibotta here!


Do you have a favorite app that rewards you for shopping? Share with us in the comments!