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Glass Photo Magnets


My best friend just had a beautiful baby boy and I was a little bored so I decided to give them a little something personal to celebrate.

Supplies: (Affiliate links provided for your convenience. See full disclosure here.)

In my craft supplies I found some of the glass vase fillers I tend to use when I am staging a house. I have seen them used as magnets with some pretty scrap paper but since I wanted something more personal I opted to go with some pictures.

I gathered a few pictures that were taken at the hospital with the new bundle of joy and I layed them out on a program I always use on my Mac called Pages.

I did a couple of sizes of each picture because I didn’t know what size would fit in the glass stones or which would look best.

I didn’t bother printing them out on photo paper I just used plain white card stock.

Once printed, I laid the rocks on the pics to see if they would fit and figure out which rock looked best with each picture. Each rock has a few imperfections so I was trying to manipulate them so they wouldn’t obstruct the main picture.

Once I figured out the layout I bushed Modge Podge to the back of the stone and layed it over the picture pressing down. After a couple of minutes to let dry I cut out each stone.

I then used a hot glue gun to adhere the magnets to the back and voila! Picture Magnets!Making magnets from glass vase fillers

They only took around 30 minutes from start to end and now I have a cute little gift to give the new parents next time I visit them. Easy Peezy!